Reckmann Integral adjuster HIA.II

Reckmann Integral adjuster HIA.II

Stay tensioning rams with integrated pump unit. Since January 2019, Reckmann supplies the improved HIA.II integral adjuster. The tension of the backstay has a significant impact on your yacht’s sailing performance. By using the Reckmann integral adjusters, you can influence these sizes in a quick, powerful and targeted manner.

Your benefits at a glance:

• Integrated pumps with two levels: in the lower pressure range, the cylinder is moved very fast and, when bearing heavier loads, the pump automatically switches to the next level and pressure on the lever is reduced.
• integrated oil line: the streamlined design means that the cylinder operates in a visually harmonious manner and there is no danger of the pipeline being damaged.
• As with all Reckmann components, the cylinders are also designed for optimal weight per performance.
• All cylinders are available in black. The bearing programme includes cylinders in sizes -10 to -60. On request, we can offer larger cylinders and cylinders made from other materials (stainless steel, carbon fibre, titanium).


Download information sheet Reckmann Integral adjuster HIA.II.

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