Rig Work

A+ Rigging will inspect and service all sizes of rod rigging and can press Rod Rigging up to -540 (50,8 mm). We work closely with Blue Wave, OYS, Navtec and BSI and will source and ship replacement parts where necessary. We are able to refit all standing rigging projects. Our team has extensive experience in both the racing and cruising boat market, and is happy to help, no matter how large or small the project is. A+ Rigging can provide information on the latest products available and their weight saving and performance advantages. With full access to the leading product design teams, we can provide you with technical product specifications and detailed research evidence showing predictive strength and lifespan figures for all running and standing rigging. A+ Rigging can press Rod Rigging with their mobile press up to -60 (16,8 mm). So it is very easy to press Rod Rigging on every location in Europe.

Rig Inspections

A+ Rigging technician will provide a full evaluation of the mast and associated fittings. A full report detailing any identified problems and necessary works to rectify these issues will be generated. After the rig inspection we can provide you a Certificate that you can show to your insurance company.

NDT Inspections

If you have rod rigging on your yacht, we can carry out NDT rig inspections. With rod rigging, a visual inspection is not enough to ensure that your rig is safe so we use nondestructive Testing (NDT), dye penetrant testing. To undertake the NDT test, we have to unstep, strip & clean the rods in preparation.

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