Reckmann Below Deck MF/DF

Reckmann Below Deck MF/DF

The manual furling systems of the MF series are the continuation of a long tradition of reliable and well-engineered furling systems. Building on more than 30 years of experience with our manual furling systems, this product shows the continuation of both our technical and optical principles:

● Uncompromising reliability.
● Timeless design.
● Long durability.
● Low-maintenance operation.
● High availability of replacement parts.

We have also developed a below-deck version of the MF plant. This allows plants designed by other manufacturers to be conveniently installed in the installation room at a later date Integrated Length Adjustment. The MF range furling systems offer the possibility of adjusting the length of the stay. The tensioner is located in the transition area from the drum for profiles. This means that systems mounted below deck can allow for a simple installation of forestay lengths. Stainless Steel Drum Guard. The elegant stainless steel drum protection cage prevents the reef line from slipping. It also protects the furling system from damage. Halyard Swivel FS. The torque-free Reckmann high-performance halyard swivels turn with extremely low amounts of friction, thereby guaranteeing a secure operation without

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