S.Y. Celandine

Refit 2020
– Un- stepping mast at Malta
– New Rod rigging set
– Service Reckmann Hydraulic furling systems

Rigging check & Sea trail.


Refit in Antibes (France) after sailing around the world. Un-stepping mast and de-mounted all Standing Rigging and Spreaders. Delivered some new Halyards. NDT inspection of all Fittings and Rod Rigging. Mounted new spreader bars. Mounted new Reckmann profiles on the Headstay and Staysail.

Un-stepping mast and de-mounted all Standing Rigging, Running Rigging and Spreaders. Delivered completed new Rod Rigging set. Delivered new Running Rigging. Delivered new Reckmann profiles and serviced hydraulic Reckmann motors. Serviced hydraulic Boomvang and backstay cylinders. Washing all sails with special coating.